Area of Activity

Engineered System

Engineered systems are often a combination of products integrated to one system. Engineered systems are typically custom-made systems and most of the other automated systems fall into this category such as material handling system with conveyor belt automation.

The primary element is measuring transducer which is used to measure the physical quantity or the measurand and further signal is conditioned at intermediate stage. The last stage of the Engineered Systems is the data presentation stage which consists of display device such as recorder etc. The Engineered System may consist of one or many separate control and instrumentation devices coordinated to accomplish the so-called high-level tasks such as the overall optimization of process unit. The Engineered Systems offers:

  • Better accuracy, low measurement error.
  • Better resolution.
  • Low power requirement.
  • Low cost and requires less operator training.
  • Freedom from observational errors.
  • High range and polarity (auto polarity selection and auto ranging facility).
  • TDS Control
  • Integrated Boiler Control
  • Level & Pressure Control
  • Flow Computer
  • Continuous Blowdown
  • Timed Button Blowdown
  • Pressure Control
  • Pump Sequence Control


The word measurement comes from the Greek "metron", meaning limited proportion. Measurement is the process of assigning a number to an attribute (or phenomenon) according to a rule or set of rules. The term can also be used to refer to the result obtained after performing the process. For obtaining these parameters, we take help of primary elements termed as Transducer.

Automation Solutions

We provide turnkey process and factory automation solutions for a whole range of industry application from handling of new projects as well as retrofits and upgrades. VRSIPL completed successfully site at IFFCO Phulpur unit in the project named 'Capacity Enhancement Project' for both the Phulpur Units I & II. The project involved lot of automation related works apart from total erection and commissioning work, All the calibration job was also taken up and completed successfully in time.


First, a quick word on earthing. It is not fun, and electricity kills a great many people worldwide every year. A current of 50 mA (barely enough to make a low wattage lamp even glow) is sufficient to send your heart into a state called “ventricular fibrillation”, where the heart muscles become dead. Similarly, electricity generated due to thunder lightning causes a great amount of damage to life & property. Hence earthing becomes indispensable, without which we are in to big threat.


India is world leader in Information Technology. Information is a tool Management in any business environment and is in use for effective decision-making. The data collected is processed and the desired information obtained. We work areas are –

  • Process & Factory Automation
  • Building Automation
  • Custom Development
  • Protocol and Device Drivers